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Jazz concert
Jacky Terrasson was acclaimed by The New York Times Magazine as "one of 30 artists under the age of 30 most likely to make an impact on American culture in the next 30 years."
„Philip Catherine is the  young Django Reinhardt.“ (Charlie Mingus)

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Student Theatre Lero
Premiere  April 20th, 2009 in Dubrovnik.
Director: Davor Mojas

Set Designer and Costume Designer: Dubravka Losic
Technical leadership: Mato Brnjic
Light Designer: Marko Mijatovic
Tone Designer: Viktor Lenert
Poster: Nora Mojac
Organization: Ksenija Medovic, Ana Tomic
Cast: Jasna Held, Ksenija Medovic, Antonija Vlasic, Danijela Milivojevic, Kristina Kaznacic

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For six years in a row, the prestigious Croatian ensemble features the current winner at the International Antonio Janigro Cello Competition. This year - David Eggert

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The masterful winning duo of all major guitar competitions, Zoran Dukic, and his younger but already renowned colleague Maroje Brcic.

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Croatian traditional songs and dances

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Festival Drama Ensemble
Director: Josko Juvancic
Set Designer: Ivica Prlender
Costume Designers: Ika Skomrlj, Diana Kosec Bourek
Associate Costume Designer: Elvira Ulip
Choreographer: Miljenko Vikic
Music composed by: Paola Drazic Zekic
Assistant Director: Jasna Jukic
Assistant Set Designer: Petra Held
Stage Manager: Kaca Carevic
Prompter: Ivana Ljepotica

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The two giants among young Croatian musicians have won several world's most prestigious competitions.
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The youngest Croatian String quartet, more and more sought-after at home and abroad, appears at the Dubrovnik Festival for the second time

Ivan Novinc, violin
Tamara Petir, violin
Lucija Brnadić, viola
Neva Begović, cello

More info

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Zagreb Soloists / Robert Belinićc, guitar / Miran Vaupotic, bandoneon / Mario Ivelja, double bass

The concert included three compositions from the old, middle and recent period in the history of Croatian music, as well as a piece by Á. Piazzolla in which the solo parts were performed by two young Croatian musicians. In this concert Mario Ivelja marked the 30th anniversary of his artistic work in the Zagreb Soloists ensemble.

More info
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A less known piece “Arkulin” by the playywright Marin Držic will be performed for four festive evenings, starting on August 9th, and on 10th, 11th and 12th of the same month. Encouraged by the last year's success of the premiere when on the request of the public an additional show was played, the crew of the director Kresimir Dolencic will try to win the sympathies of the Festival’s public and visitors of the city of Dubrovnik once more at the Luka Sorkocevic Art School Park
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Enjoy Classical Marin Drzic play - "Uncle Maroje" performed by Macedonian National Theatre. In this podcast, you will see parts of the performance which was held on July 31., 2008 . on Boskoviceva poljana during 59th Dubrovnik Summer Festival
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Mr. Djangirov, who is considered to be among the top contemporal jazz piano players, held a masterclass workshop while he was in Dubrovnik. Take a look at the part of this workshop which took place on Revelin fort on July, 2008. Eldar Djangirov also performed on two concerts - solo, and with his trio, on 2008 Dubrovnik Summer Festival.
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M. Drzic / P. Zoranic: The Words From The Mountains is part of 2008 drama repertoire of Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Take a look at the rehearsal which took place on Boskoviceva poljana on July 23, 2008. Director: Rene Medvesek Music: Krijes
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M. Drzic: UNCLE MAROJE is one of drama events in 2008. Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Take a look at the part of Dress Rehearsal which was held on Gunduliceva poljana on July 14, 2008. Director: Ozren Prohic Music: The Monterrey Jazz Festival Ensemble
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We continue following the events at Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Take a look at a rehearsal for play DARSA - FARSA held on July 11, 2008 in Rectors Pallace Atrium in Dubrovnik. Director: Matko Srsen Music: Petrit Ceku
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This is a cover of "Here Comes the Rain Again" -  a song by British pop duo Eurythmics. It was written by group members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart.
Enjoy Crybabies rockin' new life into legendary song.

In the begining of the song, there is a joke - Katarina sings - "Here Comes The Band Again".
Which is true - in 2008 Crybabies made some changes and came back - instead of one male vocal, they chose to have two female ones!
Please listen and judge for yourself the direction of the change.

I like it!

Their web is -

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Crybabies are back in the studio. This is a cover of famous Beatles song - Eleanor Rigby. "Eleanor Rigby" is a song by The Beatles, originally released on the 1966 album Revolver.
Enjoy the vocal harmonies.

More about the band -

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The Croatian Embassy in Hungary and the City of Dubrovnik realized the project entitled Dubrovnik in Budapest, within which the Dubrovnik Summer Festival presented itself with the multimedia presentation "The Sounds and Sights"by Damil Kalogjera on 19 March 2008.
More info on

Picture shows a scene from Budapest Gallery

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Vadim Rjepin and Vilnius Festival Orchestra performed on 58th Dubrovnik Summer Festival.
The concert took place in Rector's Palace Atrium on 07/25/2007.

Enjoy the documentary recording from a rehearsal that took place in Rector's Palace earlier that day.

Watch Vilnius Festival Orchestra and Mr. Rjepin rehearse Carmen Fantasy for violin and orchestra (F. Waxmann)

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Kremerata Musica

Gidon Kremer - violin
Dzeraldas Bidva - violin
Ula Ulijona - viola
Giedre Dirvanauskaite - cello

Concert in Rectors Palace, Dubrovnik on 07/24/2007
Take a look at the rehearsal, and a small part of the concert

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Duo Attaccantilena
Igor Lesnik - Percussion
Mario Penzar - Organ

Concert during 58th Dubrovnik Summer Festival
07/22/2007, Revelin Fort, Dubrovnik

J. Fischer (arr. I.Lešnik): Simphony for timpani and organ

A pure and sincere artistic energy makes Lešnik and Penzar compatibale, yet they both belong to the kind of artists who should have been invented unless they had not existed already.

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A project by Livio Badurina called "Dolce vita / Showreel = Diary of an Actor".
The project is created as the exhibition of photos presented in triptych and diptych form with a seven minute showreel projection.
It can be seen in
Ranjina Palace, Dubrovnik.
This video shows atmosphere from exhibition opening ceremony, author sharing a few thoughts, and also the complete showreel.
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A sequel to previous post.
Watch a few scenes from rehearsal and listen to Director speak.
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Midsummer Night Dream is a play created for Dubrovnik Summer Festival.
Its premiere is 07/21/2007
Play takes place on Lokrum island.

In this "making of" video, you can see the preparations for general rehearsal and also hear some thoughts from the Director

This video is in croatian, but you can feel the atmosphere and magic scenery of Lokrum stage. Enjoy this part 1

Picture is taken on that rehearsal.
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Nikolai Demidenko performed at Rector's Palace Atrium on 58th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, 07/18/2007

This video podcast is a documentary recording of a rehearsal which took place earlier that day.

Enjoy watching the artist prepare for concert.
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Michel Camilo and Tomatito appeared on a concert during Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Rectors Palace on 07/17/2007.
This podcast is a documentary recording which shows the rehearsal for concert earlier that day in Rectors Palace.
Dubrovnik Summer Festival just got their new Steinway & Sons piano, and Michel Camillo was the first artist to play on it.
Direct download: SednaVideoPodcast83.mp4
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They indeed do play Bach.
Interesting part is that Renato plays electro-acoustic guitar, and Raul plays tabla (indian percussion instrument).

Do they play songs written by "Jazzy Jones aka Bach", or by Johann Sebastian Bach?

To find out all about this performance and also hear them you will need to watch this video podcast.

I will just tell you that composer is J.S. Bach, and that the  performance took place in Revelin fort in Dubrovnik at midnight on 7/16/2007

Picture shows Renato and Raul

Direct download: SednaVideoPodcast82.m4v
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The Dubrovnik Summer Festival has been awarded the Golden Trophy for Quality.
For 35 years this award has been awarded to organizations and companies engaged in various fields regardless the usual borders, whose activities show a growing quality or development trend.
Ivica Prlender, Festival Director, and Ivana Medo, PR Manager, presented the forthcoming 58th Festival season and a promotional DVD to numerous guests, after which the award ceremony took place.

Picture shows opening ceremony fireworks.

Direct download: SednaShow81.m4v
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Let us give some awards for 2006.
I know, but better than never!

Picture shows my young friend, Kai

Direct download: SednaShow80.mp3
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We listen to Karina Azizova, Radovan Vlatkovic and Iwona Sobotka play Richard Strauss.
Also, Dubrovnik Summer Festival has been awarded its first Gold International Trophy for Quality

Direct download: SednaShow79.mp3
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Earth is doomed. We are the cause for global warming.
Our planet�s most prominent scientists concluded that after a long evaluation period.
They could have come skiing with me.
It would be more fun, cost less money and they would conclude the same!

While we still can, let's enjoy some music. We listen to few authors who were just beginning in 1972-73, and those of them who are still alive are legends.
Also some new music found on the web.

Picture shows how mountains in Sexten looked from my window in the morning.

Direct download: SednaShow77.mp3
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The uniqueness of Pleyel Trio Wien is that they search the archives aiming to make alive the works by less-known composers. On 27 July in the Recotor's Palace Atrium we could have heard the sound of Anton Walter piano, the property of Dubrovnik museums, but restored in Salzburg in 2005.
The sonata they played, has been preserved in the Music Archives in Friars Minor Monastery and Hrvoje Jugovic, the pianist arranged it for the concert in

Listen to:
Sorkocevic: Sonata for pianoforte, violin and cello in G minor
     Rondo (Allegro)

Concert took place in Rector's Palace Atrium, Dubrovnik on 27 July 2006
More info:

Direct download: SednaShow76.mp3
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Petrit Ceku who played at midnight on 26 July in Sponza Palace definitely charmed the numerous audience with his performance of Papadopulo's Dance no.3.
The Dance was inspired by folk elements from the south of Croatia and sounds very optimistic and joyfull.

Listen to:
Boris Papandopulo: Dance No. 3, (from Three Dances for guitar solo)

Concert that took place on 26 July 2006 in Sponza Palace Atrium,  Dubrovnik
More info:

Direct download: SednaShow75.mp3
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The Zagreb Soloists and Hungarian trumpet player Gabor Boldocki performed the pieces of Croatian composer of symphonyc music, the Dubrovnik master Luka Sorkocevic and also the pieces of Boris Papandopulo. 

Listen to:
SYMPHONY No 3 in D major

Concert took place on 24th July 2006 in the Rector's Palace Atrium, Dubrovnik
More info:

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Since chamber music makes a great part of Dubrovnik Summer Festival, we present you highly acclaimed chamber orchestra Camerata Bern and Shlomo Mintz, one of the most prestigious violinists of today.
Enjoy listening to Mozart who composed five brilliant violin concertos and which were all performed at the Festival on 19 July in Rector's Palace Atrium.
Listen to:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
VIOLIN CONCERTO No. 1 in B flat major, K. 207
    Allegro moderato
Concert took place 19 July 2006 in Rector's Palace Atrium, Dubrovnik.
More info:

Direct download: SednaShow73.mp3
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The Cellomania is the so called �movement� established some ten years ago. Ever since that string ensemble has been Dubrovnik Summer Festival guest.

Listen to:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (arr. Valter De�¡palj): DIVERTIMENTO in C-major, K. 358 (Molto Presto)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (arr. Valter De�¡palj): SUITE from ALBUM FOR THE YOUNG, Op. 39, March of the Soldiers

The concert was held in the Sponza Palace Atrium, Dubrovnik on 17 July 2006 in the midnight program
More info:

Direct download: SednaShow72.mp3
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Enjoy the sounds of jazz performed by top-level jazz musicians, the Californian Monterey Jazz Festival.

Listen to:
R. Rosnes: ORIO'S BELT
D.Gillespie-arr.M.Ph.Mossman: A NIGHT IN TUNISIA

The concert took place on 13 July 2006 at the charming Revelin Fort Terrace, Dubrovnik.
More info:

Direct download: SednaShow71.mp3
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Bear I knew died.
In this show, we feature emotional tunes.  Some are Native American origin, some are just nice recent music appropriate for the occasion.

His name was Mrnjo Brundo, he was 5 years old, and was known for growling while licking his front leg paws when people were around.
He was the oldest bear in the sanctuary and the one who was rescued and raised by sanctuary founder, Mr. Crnkovic.

Direct download: SednaShow70.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:55 PM

Some nice, smooth, jazzy, slow, tender music. Goes together nicely with this wet and cold late fall day.

Picture shows trees which are curved by the weight of snow which they have to endure during winter.
Location: Velebit, Premuzic trail

Direct download: SednaShow69.mp3
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A song about Mary sang by my friend who is preparing a record, a song from Tom, two of them from Bread and Salt Band, and also someting more...

Picture shows audience at Leb i Sol (Bread and Salt) concert lighting their mobile phones instead of lighters!

More regarding Leb i Sol at their web site

Direct download: sednaShow68.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:52 PM

Today's show is dedicated to musicians singing or naming themselves using bird names, especially Crows, but also some others, like Cranes, Ravens,...

Picture shows Dita. She is a Belgian Shepherd who together with my friend Buga won a prize on Zagreb CACIB expo. Way to go girls!

Direct download: SednaShow67.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:19 PM

There are more than a few songs in which you hear background voice talking or screaming. Sometimes the concept is reversed so that the talking voice is in the foreground and singing in the background. I do not know why but I really like such songs.
Also some more great music.

Picture shows Gjuro preparing his own podcast.

Direct download: SednaShow66.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:10 PM

Wife has a new album out. She sings about many things, souls of buffalo included.
Husband recently had an album. Introspective. Nice. Prayer during wartime.
Band which loves December sings about nice birds that take love very seriously
Also some Alt-country / Americana singers/songwriters who you previously heard on SEDNA .::. Podcast

Picture shows a nice bird

Direct download: SednaShow65.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:12 PM

She is young, but is definitely shifting the boundaries of vocal Jazz both with performance and lyrics. He is in his best years, and is a real artist bouncing from barely audible guitar fingerpicking to metallic electric guitar, usually within the same song.

I would like to give my best to organizers of Zagreb "No Jazz Festival" for their excellent work - way to go!

Picture shows admittance ticket for one of No Jazz Festival Concerts. Guess who played....
Direct download: SednaShow64.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:17 PM

We recently celebrated a friend's birthday. To much food and boze. Listen to musical choice of a person having a hangover.
Picture shows Bart as he would probably be photographed by Andy Warhol :-)

Direct download: SednaShow63.mp3
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First we listen to a master, then we feature a few serious pretendents to the  title!
Some will make it, some are allmost there..
Picture shows mountain flowers.

Direct download: SednaShow62.mp3
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Omaha Jacket? Did I finally end up crazy? Not completely - those words are connected to music in today's show.  One song is about Omaha, other is played by a band which has "Jacket" in it's name. On other songs, singers wore jackets while recording :-)
Listen on!

Picture shows a view from Zagradski peak in Gorski Kotar

Direct download: SednaShow61.mp3
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One song is a lullaby for a misterious woman, others are tribute to a great poet, and the ones left are just cool.

Picture shows Mr. Premuzic, who built incredible mountain trail - Premuzic Trail on mountain Velebit.

Direct download: SednaShow60.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:06 PM

Join me in enjoying the music I discovered during the last 10 days!
There is something for everyone, Americana, something that defies clasification, rock, ...

Picture shows my fellow clubmember bike!

Direct download: SednaShow59.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:21 PM

Two days in a row, me and my friends have been washed by summer rain. We also had a good time! It all took place in Istria.
My friend Gjuro came back, and we are all hapily listening to great podcast music.
Picture shows a church in Sanvincent, Istria

Direct download: SednaShow58.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:48 PM

Is my friend Gjuro gone? Or even worse, did he meet his the maker?
Enjoy some smooth tunes spiced with my thoughts about animals, mostly bears from Kuterevo!

Picture shows Gjuro, I hope to see him again.

Direct download: SednaShow57.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:13 PM

I spent this day riding my bike through Kupa Canyon. It is a very nice river. This show is dedicated to songs that are somehow connected to a term "river".
Picture shows Togo and Bart enjoying river Sava.

Direct download: SednaShow56.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:56 PM

No, I did not become a moonshiner. I just like tasting their products :-)
We talk and listen to songs about love, and love related violence, about times which we do not like to change, about a things man does for his woman, and so on.
We talk about last two days of Dubrovnik Summer Festival.
Picture shows moonshiners back in the prohibition days.

Direct download: SednaShow55.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:53 AM

Watch the game of Waterpolo held on July 18, 2006 in which Dubrownik Summer Festival Team won against Dubrovnik City Team 7:5. The game was played during the Divlja Liga Tournament.

Direct download: SednaVideoPodcast04.m4v
Category:Dubrovnik Summer Festival -- posted at: 1:15 PM

If you are to hear a lie, it allways sounds better from a mouth of a handsome men!
I am certain that my statement holds even if you change the word "men" into word "woman" :-) Any comments?
So, one song is about lies, other about love, about a night in a city, about a summer in a city,...
Picture shows start of a Premuzic trail in northern Velebit. My friends passed it this weekend!

Direct download: SednaShow54.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:31 PM

In the beginning of their careers artists usually feel the urge to go somewhere where is better, where they will realize what they wish for, where they will shine. One song talks about that. Other song talks about a strange fellow called Dylan. Then we mention radio age. Also you will need to endure my comments and talk.

Picture shows Gjuro the Weird.

Direct download: SednaShow53.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:18 PM

Back from vacation. Zagreb again. New music from garageband and other online sources.
Picture shows sunset in Dubrovnik taken by Neven

Direct download: SednaShow52.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:19 PM

I am on vacation. Even though I travelled by bike, I carried my notebook in order to make a show. I am enjoying a nice evening, good booze and a nice company. I just had to make a show to share my good mood with you.

Direct download: SednaShow51.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:32 PM

What a week!

First we had Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra / Vjekoslav Sutej, conductor / Monika Leskovar, cello on stage of Rudjer Boskovic Square on July, 11 2006.

More details  on the performance and program can be found HERE

Then we had The Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation Jazz Orchestra on stage of Revelin Fort Terrace on July, 13 2006

More details on the performance and program can be found HERE

Listen to Neven talk about the performances, the weather, and future musical program highlights.

Also listen to Frank Geisler, Rob Kleevan and Paul Contos of Monterey Jazz Festival talk about their day in Dubrovnik and about the concert of their orchestra.

Direct download: SednaShow50.mp3
Category:Dubrovnik Summer Festival -- posted at: 9:34 PM

Yet another good music talk show. Outside is so hot, so the only thing left to do is to sit or lay down, and to enjoy the selection of nice music.

Picture shows river Mreznica near place called Generalski Stol. That is the exact place I bathed in yesterday.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/d0af41b2d900dd35)
Direct download: SednaShow49a.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:09 PM

Syd Barrett died on July, 17 2006. This show is dedicated to  "Crazy Diamond", how he was called by members of the band he co-founded - The Pink Floyd.

Picture shows Pliva waterfall in Jajce.

Direct download: SednaShow49.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:58 PM

Some new artists. Some well known but not often listened theese days. We discuss the 100 Best Living Songwriters list from Paste Magazine. Guess who is the first?
Send me an email with your 100 list!
Picture shows a ride near Fuzine.
Off I go to Dubrovnik to attend an opening ceremony!

Direct download: SednaShow48.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:30 PM

Listen to established musicians while they were young.
Listen to young musicians thriving to get established.
Also listen to ones who do not care :-)

Remember how it was in your early 20's, or hear how it will be when you reach this age!

Visit and support Black Bear Refugee in Kuterevo, Croatia!
More info on their web:
Picture shows young bears playing in Kuterevo!

Direct download: SednaShow47.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:23 AM

Listen to Neven Franges talk about the program.

Hear what is it that Ivica Prlender, Ivica Kuncevic and Neven Franges  have to do during the opening ceremony in order to get the keys to Dubrovnik city!

We will listen to exclusive recordings of Euridice rehersal held on 26.6. in Zagreb. Euridice is considered to be first opera (first performance: Florence, 1600) and is going to be performed at the opening ceremony.

We will also enjoy concertino from croatian composer - Boris Papandopulo

Picture shows festival flag which is raised at the and of the opening ceremony.

Direct download: SednaShow46.mp3
Category:Dubrovnik Summer Festival -- posted at: 6:28 PM

This show is dedicated to boys and girls who are not necessarily ugly, but certainly have the music. We feature artists from US, UK, and Austria.
Picture shows Petra and Rambouillet in the air!
Did you like Neven's music tales?

Direct download: SednaShow45.mp3
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In different periods of time, the same music is called differently. In todays  example what was once called folk, now it is americana.
Listen to a song dedicated to father, a song about a town, a song about a girl from another town, and a song about an outlaw.
Also some songs with no special theme.
Picture shows guys with machines in Gorski Kotar this weekend.

Direct download: SednaShow44.mp3
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Listen to Neven Franges talk about the music program. This time we cover Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Mozart and some Croatian folk music from Medjimurje in Jazz arangement.
This time we talk about variations, how facile is in fact not so "facile" and many other things....
Picture shows atmosphere in Dubrovnik during the festival

Direct download: SednaShow43.mp3
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Bar where nothing ever happens. Musicians doing country. A little bit of americana. Trip to the past. Some new artists. All this and more in this podcast.
Picture shows Roman wolf in front of Cathedral in Sienna, Italy where we spent last weekend.

Direct download: SednaShow42.mp3
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Enjoy Cry Babies Video - "Pamtim samo sretne dane"
Cry Babies is a Croatian band. Their slogan is "We Cover Covers"
Usually you can listen to them every other Saturday in Zagreb music club - SAX
Learn more about the band on their web -
Direct download: SednaVideoShow_3.m4v
Category:Video -- posted at: 5:45 PM

Ah, Italy, food, wine, nature, and - motorcycles :-)!
Join me while I enjoy MotoGP race in Mugello. That's what is going to happen on Sunday. Other days it just ride, ride, ride, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Today's show? Mostly nice music - some of it from native americans, some of it from Slovenia, some of ir ftom USA - brought to you directly from Florence ,Italy.

Picture shows a scene from a MotoGP race.

Direct download: SednaShow40.mp3
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In this show, we talk with Mr. Neven Franges, Musical Progam Director to Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Listen to Neven talk about musical program, town, people, atmosphere and venues.

Also, Neven brought some great music, which he introduces before listening.
If you want to know what is the connection between Rachmaninov, piano and NASA (yes, that NASA), listen to this show!

Picture shows part of the opening ceremony.

Direct download: SednaShow41-DSF.mp3
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Was yesterday Crybabies Last Waltz? I do not know about that, but the closing season concert in SAX held yesterday was great!

I didn't plan it to happen, but most of the songs on this podcast are directly or indirectly connected to death. However, it is not sad nor slow show. I was joking that I could have called it "The Death Waltz".
More details of course, if you listen to the show.

Picture shows Crybabies on one of their concerts in SAX

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Zagreb is really becoming musically interesting! Two music festivals in one week, not bad. To remind you, first one was "Thirsty Ear Festival" which featured various contemporary artists such as Calexico, Jason Collett, Tena Novak and others (listed are the ones I liked).
Also another festival is called Jazzarella and is a female jazz festival. Quite simple, but unique idea, don't you think? I attended Lynne Arriale Trio & Deborah brown and it was OK. A lot of people said that Diane Schuur Quartet was also great, but I simply could not make it.
Yesterday (21.5.) was Bob Dylan's birthday, which is less important, and also my love's birthday, which is much more important!

In this show, you will find some interesting music, some old some new, and also my "hello" to great singer/sogwriter who is no longer with us. One of his albums is called No Deeper Blue.

On the picture you will find Jason Collett performing in Galerija SC. He does not sometimes sound Dylanish, but obviously even sometimes looks like him on stage.
Direct download: SednaShow38.mp3
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Enjoy Americana! Lots of music, and a little talk about "Zedno Uho  (Thirsty Ear) Festival # 7 which is currently going on in Studentski Centar, Zagreb (5-18.5.2006). My congratulations to organizers - interesting contemporary bands, and also some good old ones! See for yourself - visit !
Last night was full of music and drinks, so it ended rough (and late!), so all the music in this podcast is slow and smooth. My head can not bare anything different right now :-)
Picture shows Gjuro, my friend.
Direct download: SednaShow37.mp3
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Bozica Talks About Still Water, Vitold talks about Gabi...

Bozica talks about herself, and her latest exhibitions.
Vitold talks about Porin, Gabi, and of course talks with Bozica.
Me? I just listen and drop in a song or two!

Picture shows sample of Bozica's works.
Direct download: SednaShow36.mp3
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Great music - some old some new, but mostly blue :-)

We also inform about the winners of 15th days of croatian film. I was there on the award ceremony. Picture shows the ceremony.
Direct download: SednaShow_35.mp3
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Pogledajte video najavu 15. Dana Hrvatskog Filma koji se odrzavaju od 25.-29. 4. 2006. u Studentskom Centru u Zagrebu.
Detalji na
Direct download: SednaVideoShow_2.m4v
Category:Video -- posted at: 10:59 PM

SEDNA .::. Podcast # 34 - Dani HR Filma, Willard, Devendra
Razgovaramo s Davorom Sismanovicem o 15. danima hrvatskog filma, slusamo Willard-e i Devendru. Sto reci? Ludnica, obavezno poslusati!

Svakako otidjite na 15. Dane Hrvatskog Filma od 25.-29. 4. 2006. u Studentski Centar u Zagrebu!

Puno dobrih filmova, najava buducih filmskih  dogadjanja, retrospektiva proslih dogadjanja te na kraju svakog dana - "Veceri Hrvatskog Filma!"

Vise informacija potrazite na:

Vidimo se!
Direct download: SednaShow_34.mp3
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Ah, memories... Of the worst kind - the army...
Visit  and see for yourself. A film worth watching if you were in JNA. Whoever does not know what JNA is, should also watch, but may miss important details of the atmosphere.

Also, enjoy Lucinda while singing about life (mostly love), Damien with his cool voice and tender poetry, and Lacni Franz while singing about Lidija  - a girl who decided to join JNA, and being sent army stockings in a package by her fiance - Fredi

Photo is showing my army days from 1984, place is called Postojna, in a country which is now called Slovenia.

You can vote on which one on the picture is me! The reward for guessing correctly is the right to choose a playlist for one of following podcasts. Send your guesses to!
Direct download: SednaShow_33a.mp3
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This time we do not only have mix of music which is a product of my wicked mind! Enjoy listening to Tom, Pink, Ry snd Ryan!

We also feature an interview with Croatian artist Nika Radic. Vitold talks with Nika on the opening night of her exhibition in Lotrscak Gallery in Zagreb, Croatia.

Picture shows a friend we met while climbing the Klek mountain.
Direct download: SednaShow32.mp3
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Jedan je legenda, druga dva ce to mozda postati. Po mojem misljenju na dobrom su putu.

Nastavljamo muzicko - literarno putovanje kroz vrijeme i prostor. David ce nam izmedju ostalog pjevati o zivom pijesku, Amos o zenskim rukama, a drugi David o Babilonu!

Na slici je Stipe iz Istre!

Direct download: SednaShow31a.mp3
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This is our first video show! We spoke with Nika Radic on the opening of her exhibition entitled "Vrata" (doors). The exhibition takes place in Kula Lotrscak Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia. It is a part of a "SNAPSHOT" concept which is talking place in the Gallery.

In the attached picture, you may feel some of the atmopshpere from the opening evening.

Many thanks to Nika and Vitold who did the interview. Expect more info on audio podcast soon.

As allways, please drop us an e-mail:

Direct download: SEDNAVideoShow1.m4v
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Ovo je jedan easy listening podcast....
Kad god ga budete slusali, osjecat cete se kao da je nedjelja popodne, dakle, probajte ga ne koristiti na sastancima :-)

Tko je ovog puta s nama?
Zanimljivi likovi - Margo, Brojaci Vrana, Billy te Turinasi.. Kao i uvijek, prava imena pjevaca, CD-a i bandova, saznajte slusajuci podcast!

Na slici je moj prijatelj na izletu u Rovinj

Direct download: SednaShow30.mp3
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Eto, i to se dogodilo. Proteklog tjedna nije bilo nove epizode. Fakat nisam stigao. Imam dobar alibi, brijao sam po Irskoj. Odlicna zemlja, prijazni i veseli ljudi, ODLICNA cuga, i zadovoljavajuca klopa. Jos da je klima bolja, podcast bi uskoro postao O'Sedna :-)

A sto li cemo ovoga puta slusati? Nista novo, ali niti previse staro (to naravno ovisi o perspektivi).

Prvo ce nam Cvijetovi vruce kuce (poslusajte podcast pa ce vam biti jasno o kome govorim) otpjevati dvije vesele pjesme, pa ce nam Michelle pricati o odrastanju, odvajanju od prijateljice, te o uspomenama istocnog Texasa. A Daniel? Prvo jedna o smrti vlaka, a nakon toga o ulasku u njegov "Rocky World"

Za ilustraciju irske atmosfere, jedna slika koja pokazuje kako se ukrasavaju pubovi.

Javite se,

Do slijedeceg tjedna...

Direct download: SednaShow29.mp3
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Tesko je reci koji je od gore navedenih kantautora i kantautorica bolji! Produkcija - zanimljiva, rijeci - odlicne, muzika - zabavna. Coner je iako mlad vec ozbiljna zvijezda, Jenny se strelovito uspinje a Joe je legenda kako  svojom muzikom tako i po produkciji drugih. Inace i Coner je sudjelovao u produkciji za Jenny.
Svi sa svima :-)

Ja vas sve lijepo pozdravljam iz Berlina gdje brijem sa prijateljima. Ovo je slika sa jednog starog tuluma, a onaj koji je slikao se osjecao tocno onako kako ova slika pokazuje.

Javite se na

Direct download: SednaShow27.mp3
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U ovoj emisiji imamo gosta! To je Dr. Ivica Prlender, intendant Dubrovackih ljetnih igara. Razgovaram s njim o programu 57. igara. Nije lako izabrati ono sto treba istaknuti, pa smo malo duze razgovarali o tome... Poslusajte sto nas ocekuje u ljeto 2006 u Dubrovniku! Bit ce drame, klasike, ali i jazz-a.

Uz razgovor slusamo izabrane snimke iz Atrija Knezeva dvora ljeta 2005 (56. igre).
Prvo slusamo Vladimira Spivakova i Moskovske Virtuoze, pa Olli Mustonena i  Kun Woo Paik-a te na kraju Ramona Vargasa

Ovom epizodom najavljujem i buduce emisije u kojima ce tema biti ovogodisnji festival. Stay tuned!

Za detalje o programu, posjetite , a komentare i prijedloge, saljite na


Direct download: SednaShow_27_-_Najava_DSF.mp3
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Ova je emisija stilski raznovrsna, ali nadam se da ce vam se svidjeti. U emisiji isticemo band  The Elected (svakako poslusati!).
Predstavljamo dva cool jazz banda sa - Fractal Quintet i Dig Trio.
Zavrsavamo sa bandom Switchyard sa - njihova muzika nije jazz, nije pop, nije indie, vec je sve pomalo!

Kao sto sam najavio u protekloj emisiji, bio sam na rijeckom karnevalu. Konacno je bilo zadovoljavajuce vrijeme. Odlicno smo tulumarili (svaka cast belgijskoj pivnici As u Rijeci, a veliko cudjenje usluzi i ponudi  Hemingway-a u Rijeci :-( ). Karneval je odlicno organiziran i bas je bilo super! Slika prikazuje prethistorijske motore K.U. "Izgubljeni u vremenu" iz Nove Gradiske. Dragi decki i cure, svaka cast !
Puno pozdrava svim bikerima!

Cujemo se uskoro!

Javite se na

Direct download: SednaShow26.mp3
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SEDNA .::. Podcast #25 - Karnevalsko izdanje

Zapravo je samo jedna pjesma i slika na blogu posvecena karnevalu, a sve je ostalo po starom, ne bojte se!

Danas slusamo Natalie, Jenny i ostale iz njenog banda, Tim-a te Robbie-a. Kao i uvijek ako zelite doznati ostale detalje morat cete poslusati emisiju :-).

Ovim putem se svima zelim zahvaliti na korisnim (i srecom, pozitivnim!) komentarima na emisije, a one koji se jos nisu javili pozivam da to ucine sto prije, najlakse je mailom na

Dok cete vi ovo slusati, ja cu se zabavljati na karnevalu u Rijeci. U cast tome, slika uz danasnji podcast je snimljena 2004 u rijeci i prikazuje grupu koja je imala radni naslov "Mad Max"

Pusa svima!

Direct download: SednaShow25.mp3
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SEDNA .::. Podcast  #24 - Pomalo od svega....

Pred vama je (dosad) najduza i stilski najraznovrsnija emisija...

Pocinjemo s Renatom Metessijem i starim hitom Zvijezda (poseban pozdrav Papku!), nastavljamo sa cool NY bandom Ida, nakon toga selimo u Belfast iz kojeg nam dolazi Burjcris. Ne, ni izdaleka nam nije dosta pa ponavljamo jo�¡ jednu pjesmu od Ida-e, a onda predstavljamo "recording artista" Andrew-a i njegov band The Main Drag. Zavrsavamo sa Jenny Lewis i odlicnom pjesmom s njenog posljednjeg (solo) projekta.

Uskoro pocinjemo pustati muziku od record kompanije a dolaze i druge... Puno se lijepih novosti kuha na vasem omiljenom podcastu, ali idemo malo po malo...

Ako zelite predloziti muziku, ili dati komentare - pisite mi na: sedna.podcast@gmail.gom ili naravno na   

Slika je zimska, i nadam se da ce to biti posljednja zimska slika koju cu gledati slijedecih 6-9 mjeseci. Pozdrav proljecu!

Direct download: SednaShow24.mp3
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Ne, to nisu Peter Paul and Mary, vec tri zanimljiva izvodjaca. John prestavlja album covera Tom Waits-a, Bettye nastavlja uhodanim soul stazama, a Jenny je krenula u solo vode, i to po mojem misljenju - super uspjesno! Vise detalja, naravno u samoj emisiji!

BTW, dolaskom sunca, blizi se trenutak ponovnog koristenja ljubimca sa slike!

Direct download: SednaShow23.mp3
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Katell, Let3, Michelle, Mary - sto oni zaboga imaju zajednicko?

Odgovor je- nista, osim mene :-)

Naprosto, oni su mi pali na pamet ove ugodne veceri rane veljace 2006. Po mojem misljenju, svi su odlicni. Let3 jer su otkaceni, Mary jer ima predivan glas i zna ga koristiti, Katell jer je inventivna a Michelle, jer je prava rockerica. Sjetite se samo "Anchored down in Anchorage".

Danasnja slika prikazuje jednog mog dobrog prijatelja koji vise nije s nama. Bok Togo!

Samo kao info, otvorena je nova mail adresa:

Cujemo se!

Direct download: SednaShow22.mp3
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Lijeno nedjeljno popodne uz SEDNA .::. Podcast

Sto raditi tokom hladnog i lijenog nedjeljnog popodneva? Imam prijedlog - slusajte Fionnu, Karisu, Bridget i Bena te izdrzite povremene verbalne eskapade Vaseg domacina Stjepka!

Nitko osim Fionne nije nesto pretjerano poznat, ali ako Vam se dopadnu njihovi uratci, kupite CD-e (da, ima ih za kupiti), ili poslusajte jos ponesto od njih na

BTW, za sve one koji su bili na Dylanu u SC-u, zanima me Vase misljenje - ima li smisla nastaviti sa takvim vecerima? Recite kaj mislite ili komentarom na ili mailom na!

Direct download: SEDNA_.__._Podcast_21_-_Lazy_Sunday.mp3
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Album Cripple Crow (s kojeg pustamo tri pjesme u SEDNA.::.Podast #20) ima 22 pjesme! Covjek koji je zivio u USA, Venecueli, najavljivao indie bandove u klubovima Pariza, te cesto zivio na rubu egzistencije je napravio ODLICAN album. Ako si date truda i poslusate cijelu plocu, i to ne samo jednom, sigurno cete biti zadovoljni. Koji je to stil muzike? Psihodelija? Indie? Retro? Nemam blage veze, ali Devendra Banhart je napravio dobar posao.

Ostavite komentar na i recite sto mislite o ovoj mjuzi

Pusa i do skorog slusanja!

Direct download: SednaShow20.mp3
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Ako jeste, bit ce vam drago poslusati ga opet, a ako niste, onda je krajnji cas da to ucinite! Sudjelujte u revivalu feelinga "pred centrom"!

Dakle, ovako - u subotu, 21.1.2005. ce u Klubu SC u Zagrebu, Savska ul. biti odrzana vecer Bob Dylan-a. Pocetak je u 20:00h.

Na programu je:

* predstavljanje knjige Bob Dylan, Spomenar 1956-1966 u izdanju Algoritma

* DJ night sa poznatim Dylanolozima - John Wesley Harding-om (ponekad ga zovu Ognjen) te Mr. Jones-om (vas domacin na podcastu, Stjepko)

Kao uvod u tu zanimljivu vecer, poslusajte ovu SEDNA .::. Podcast emisiju, u kojoj radim uvod u dogadjaj o kojem je rijec. Emisija je malo duza, nadam se da ce vam se svidjeti.

Kao i uvijek, pls. saljite komentare na ili na mail


Mr. Jones.

P.S. Posebni pozdrav prijateljima Drazenu i Nenadu koji jedini imaju izgovor da ne dodju jer su u USA. Svi ostali - "pred centar"!

Direct download: SednaShow19.mp3
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Iliti Weight Of The Wait!

Christa pjeva o jednom svom zivotnom problemu. Koji nije mali. A ona ga opisuje na vrlo zanimljiv nacin, drugacije od npr. Ane Srsen, a slicno im je...

Ako vas zanima vise, procitatje pjesmu, detalji na internetu, a ako vas JAKO zanima, a ne mozete naci rijeci, javite mi se na ili ostavite komantar na Ah da, zaboravio sam da mozda znate dobro engleski pa cete slusajuci cuti sve sto treba :-)

BTW, ovo je prvo terensko javljanje SEDNA.::.Podcast-a!
Pozdrav sa Langlaufa u Val Gardeni!

Direct download: SednaShow18.mp3
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The Decemberists sa svojom pjesmom July, July!

Zanimljiv band ciji frontman na zanimljiv nacin zivi u vremenima galantnih muskaraca i intrigantnih dama  garnirano sa pokojim pustolovom, istrazivacem, moreplovcem, "dobrim" gusarom i kraljem...

Band kojeg cete zasigurno jos slusati na SEDNI! Vise o njima na Internetu ili na nekom od CD-shop-ova. A cujem da ih ima za kupiti i u ZG!

Javite se komentarom na ili mailom na

Direct download: SednaShow17.mp3
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Christa je u Londomu i ima svoj "Famous Blue Raincoat Moment"!

Cool! Mislim kako je ona dosta slusala medju ostalima i Natalie Merchant, sto se u ovoj situaciji pokazuje kao dobra investicija u njenu muzicku buducnost!

Javite se sa komentarima na ili mailom na!

Direct download: SednaShow16.mp3
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Ljiga na kvadrat? Ljiga svih ljiga? Stjepko potpuno poludio?
Ja se nadam da ne. Naprosto jos jedna stvar od Holly, starog Williams-a kci. Lagani tempo, jednostavan aranzman, i dobar glas. Sad jos fali samo cigara, whiskey i vjeran pas. Pa priustite si bar nesto od toga i uzivajte u ovoj emisiji. Vise detalja naravno na njenim www stranicama a i u CD Shop-ovima (ima u HR- kupio!)

Javite se s komentarima na !

Direct download: Sedna_15.mp3
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Ljiga? Necu vam rec, to cete morati prosuditi sami! Holly dolazi iz obitelji Williams, sto joj je sigurno pomoglo da je pokoji muzicki manager poslusa prije nekog no name umjetnika. No, ono sto je cuo je bilo, bar po mom misljenju, vrlo zanimljivo. Poslusajte Holly, i posjetite njenu stranicu

Javite se s komentarima na !

Direct download: Sedna_14.mp3
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Krajnje je vrijeme da predstavim band "Prosincasi" iliti The Decemberists!
Slucajno nabasah na njih surfajuci netom, pa sam ih onda jos i nasao u Aquarius cd shop-u u Zagrebu. Moram priznati kako mi se to obicno ne desava - da nadjem novu muziku koja mi se svidja u svom lokalnom cd shopu. No kako kaze stari Bob - "The Times They Are A' Changin'". Vrlo zanimljiv band, vrlo zanimljiva muzika, a pogotovo interesantna lirika. Za detalje, posjetite njihov www site -
Na kraju - nevjerojatan podatak da SEDNU gotovo 50% slusatelja slusa iz JAPANA!!!! Super cool, i sasvim je moguce da cu zbog publike (jer, I Was Also Meant For The Stage :-) ) prijeci na emitiranje na engleskom jeziku. Pa cu tako i zavrsiti:

Hello and all the best to all my international listeners, especially ones from Japan!
I would like to hear from you, so either e-mail me on, or leave a comment on !

Direct download: Sedna_Podcast_13.mp3
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May all cards you receive have more optimistic content than this one!
All the best for all our listeners and readers, especially ones from Japan, Australia, India, Ireland!
Sve najbolje svima (this was Croatian :-))

Enjoy reading the song!

Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis
Tom Waits, Blue Valentine, 1978

hey charlie i'm pregnant
and living on the 9th street
right above a dirty bookstore
off euclid avenue
and i stopped takin dope
and i quit drinkin whiskey
and my old man plays the trombone
and works out at the track

and he says that he loves me
even though its not his baby
and he says that he'll raise him up
like he would his own son
and he gave me a ring
that was worn by his mother
and he takes me out dancin
every saturday night.

and hey charlie i think about you
everytime i pass a fillin station
om account of all the grease
you used to wear in your hair
and i still have that record
of little anthony & the imperials
but someone stole my record player
now how do you like that?

hey charlie i almost went crazy
after mario got busted
so i went back to omaha to
live with my folks
but everyone i used to know
was either dead or in prison
so i came back to minneapolis
this time i think i'm gonna stay.

hey charlie i think i'm happy
for the first time since my accident
and i wish i had all the money
that we used to spend on dope
i'd buy me a used car lot
and i wouldn't sell any of em
i'd just drive a different car
every day, dependin on how
i feel

hey charlie for chrissakes
do you want to know the
truth of it?
i don't have a husband
he don't play the trombone
and i need to borrow money
to pay this lawyer
and charlie, hey
i'll be eligible for parole
come valentines day

Category:TextCast -- posted at: 9:18 AM

Holly, Tom, a bogami i Stjepko ne zele odrasti! Uzivajte u umjetnosti Holly Cole. Super muzicari, odlican glas, smooth jazz i vec vise od 10 godina prepjeva (u vlastitim aranzmanima) tudjih pjesama. U ovom podcastu slusajte kako Holly pjeva Tom Waitsa koji kaze kako ne zeli odrasti :-)
Direct download: Holly_-_Ne_Zelim_Odrasti_-_SEDNA_12.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:39 AM

Minimalna produkcija. Jednostavni aranzman. Lijepi glas. Dosadno? Nekima vjerojatno da :-) No, svakako poslusajte super obradu starog hita Arethe Franklin, vrijedi utrositi 5 minuta! Rebecca je iz Skotske, svira apsolutni fusion raznih stilova - folk, pop, jazz, i Keltski narodni! CD se prodaje na Chesky records, a ima ga i u dinatonu u Zagrebu!
Direct download: Sedna_11_-_Rebecca_-_Spanish_Harlem.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:06 PM

My Mistake - Pamela iz San Francisca. Meni zvuci kao mlada Natalie Merchant. Vrijedi poslusati! Vi�¡e o njoj svakako potrazite na
Direct download: Sedna10_-_My_Mistake_-_Pamela.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:38 PM

Kako da ne vidim? Nastavljamo sa Headoneast! Za detalje o njima, posjetite
Direct download: Sedna_Show9_-_Kako_da_ne_vidim_-_Headoneast.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:54 PM

Poslusajmo debi album ove zanimljive grupe. 11 glazbenika, puno instrumenata, dobra produkcija, tip muzike? Longue? Fusion? World? Ma to uopce nije vazno kad je dobro. Preporucujem bolji HiFi sustav i sto manji nivo kompresije :-) Letite s grupom Headoneast!
Direct download: Sedna_Podcast_Show_8_-_Headoneast.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:43 PM

Provjerite sami! Pjesma je zanimljiva i moze se koristiti kao uvod u njenu muziku. Ako zelite saznati i slusati vise -, i naravno CD shopovi diljem Interneta!
Direct download: Show7_Regina.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:33 PM

Jeli cover bolji od originala? Natalie je dobra ali je Katell 100 puta bolja kad pjeva svoju vlastitu pjesmu. Rijeci su ODLICNE. Vise saznajte na ili na ... If you could unlearn all the words That you never wanted heard If you could stall the southern wind That's whistling in your ear You could take what is, what is, what is To what can never be ...
Direct download: Show6-katell.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:22 PM

Pjesma govori o covjeku kojem je "graduation day is so far away" i koji ima tronogog njemackog ovcara s kojim ima problema jer zeli skakati na kuje Sibirskog Husky-a! Moze li biti bolje preporuke za poslusati ovaj podcast? Pozdrav svim ljudima u kriznim godinama!
Direct download: 2005-11-06-11-49-43.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 11:01 AM

Kantautorica Christa iz Kanade. Pjeva pjesme putovanja i ljubavi. Zvuci pateticno, ali nije, nego je bas super! vise o njoj na
Direct download: 2005-11-04-08-31-29.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:41 AM

Obrada pjesme dueta Denis & Denis. U cast uredjaju za kojeg tada nismo mislili da ce sluziti izradi podacsta :-)
Direct download: 2005-11-02-15-00-43.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:10 PM

Kultna stvar kultnog benda 80-tih
Direct download: 2005-10-30-23-50-33.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:06 PM

Last Week (mid October) Cry Babies promoted their new video in Zagreb Club SAX.
Direct download: 2005-10-28-20-57-18.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:09 PM